The video and the text.

One can divide the presentation into the following chunks:

a) the marvels and wonders of technology and the frustration at the fact academics do not understand it or use it as it should be.
- illustration of a marvel (millicomputing)
- illustration of "time of wonders and harmony" in past (poetry and music from Renaissance)
- illustration disruption printing press
- illustration science studies mapping perceptual changes in brain
- illustration to businesses digital facelifts (Clay Shirky's Thinking the Unthinkable)
- illustration with grotesque description and screenshots from film Brazil.

b) proposing course of action
- three recursive practices : narrating, curating, sharing
(this is what scholars already do but will be amplified, augmented)
illustration: playing feedback (Jimi Hendrix)

c) how to achieve it
- personal cyberinfrastructure